KO-O 121 Seminar in English: Nonviolent Communication

Giving and receiving critical feedback and resolving conflicts in a nonviolent way

Your Benefit – Goals
Nonviolent Communication (developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg) is a language and inner attitude of connection and responsibility – a deep connection with ourselves as well as with other people, and taking full responsibility for our feelings. These arise from our needs (met or unmet), not from the behaviour of other people. Only when we learn to understand and integrate this level of needs as a universal and common ground, we experience deep inner peace and mutual understanding in contact with our colleagues, family and friends.

Content / Key Issues

  • How do I create an appreciative, adult quality of contact with other people?
  • How do I constructively express critical feedback in a nonviolent way?
  • How do I resolve conflicts permanently and to the benefit of all involved?
  • How do I formulate appreciation, gratitude or apologies in an approachable and meaningful way?
  • How do I respond lovingly to anger and criticism?
  • How do I practice self-empathy?

Target Group
All people who are interested in  a process for supporting partnership and resolving conflict within people, in relationships, and in society.


To strengthen your communication skills we recommend to participate in our seminar „Virtual and intercultural communication in different contexts“.

Wir führen dieses Seminar auch in deutscher Sprache durch.

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