KO-O 140 Seminar in English: Virtual and intercultural communication in different contexts

Switch style, use media efficiently and build trust

Your Benefits – Goals
Presentations, negotiations, trainings and many other situations are held, not only since Corona, online. Different cultures, professions and stakeholders communicate virtually together and never learnt how to switch styles, how to use media efficiently and how to build trust when not seeing each other.

Content / Key Issues

  • get overview about characteristics of virtual and intercultural communication
  • learn how to overcome social, emotional and geographical distancestransfer different
  • experiment different communicational styles
  • reflect about your situation and special cases

Target Group
All people who work virtually in different teams or contexts

To strengthen your leadership skills we recommend to participate in our seminar „Virtual Leadership“.

according to agreement

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2x 3 hrs

Number of Participants
max. 12 people

550,00 € (plus tax)
654,50 € (incl. tax)

Calin-Mihai Isman

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