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tangensQ’s competent consultants 

  • Trainers and consultants with many years of practical experience
  • Open face-to-face and digital seminars
  • Customized in-house projects
  • From the practice for the practice
  • owner-managed
  • Decades of experience

Our LEADERSHIP training series:

Learn to Lead
for new leaderrs

Leadership Professional
for experienced leaders

Zusatz-Qualifikation für produktionsnahe Führungskräfte
for line managers and shift supervisors

Training courses are held in German.

tangensQ – Committed to Excellence –

Our partner for medium-sized companies:

tangensQ is an institute that deals specifically with the topics of personality development, leadership, management, communication and organizational development.

We help you to develop ‘Q’. Q stands for qualification but also for quality. In a broader sense, it is about personal quality and corporate quality. Personal quality is for example in the form of leadership, and corporate quality is for example in the form of corporate and organizational development.

For your personnel and organizational development, we are here as a competent group of trainers and consultants. Our trainers and consultants will offer you practical help based on various training courses and additional qualifications – and with the background of many years of management experience.

What does tangensQ provide?

To support development of companies and organizations, we offer sophisticated, modern (online) seminars and training courses, team development, working groups and qualified coaching.

With our network of qualified trainers, consultants and experienced coaches, we will find the right individual support for you and your company. In addition, we combine business know-how with practical knowledge and pedagogical/psychological competence.

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tangensQ team

We offer an external, impartial review:

The Quick-Check for your company.

What does the name tangensQ mean?

Tangent and cotangent are trigonometric functions and play a central role in mathematics and its applications. The tangent is the ratio of the opposite side to the adjacent side.

The gradient of a road is also understood as the tangent of the gradient angle. The example in the picture shows a gradient of 10% corresponding to a gradient angle of about 5.7° with the tangent of 0.1.

So tangent means gradient or, in a figurative sense, increase. The Q stands for qualification and quality. So, our name means: increase in qualification and quality.